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Thawing Leaves

For most of the country, the ice is melting and the sun is shining a little more often through the cold grey clouds.

It’s here.

Allergy sufferers figured this out a lot quicker than the rest of us. Pollen laden blooms and gentle spring breezes combine to create a wonderland of sinus sounds and leaky facial plumbing. Gesundheit!

Spring arrived. Summer is close by for us in the Northern Hemisphere.

The passing of the spring equinox tells me 25% of our calendar year is already gone.  What did you accomplish with your first three months? I didn’t do very well with mine.

Like the leaves above, did you let the ice and cold hold  you in place while you waited for warmer weather?

Scary how fast these things seem to fly by. My stomach just knotted up a little.

I feel like the year just got started.  How can it be possible to miss the first quarter of it and feel like I’ve accomplished a fraction of what I intended at this point?

I need to regain my composure and shake off the feelings of doubt and self-pity. There is still more year left than has already passed. The key is paying attention and making the most of it.

So how do I do that?  Mental spring cleaning.

I have a plan for this because I’ve been here before. Procrastination and losing focus are two things I am quite talented at perfecting.

I think many of us carry these qualities. We lose our focus and we wander for a bit waiting for someone to provide us with direction or purpose; until we remember that job is completely up to us; direction and purpose are the responsibility of each individual to find and foster.

My first step; go to my list of motivators. They give a push toward moving things in the right direction.

Here are just a couple to help get things started:

Zig Ziglar – Evaluate Where You Are:

Marie Farleo – Interview with Dr. Hudson; Why Smart People Underperform:

Brendon Burchard – How Incredibly Successful People Think:

As Brendon says in the video above; everyone dreams. Everyone has ideas on what they want to do next. Some of us actually set goals and start working toward them, until we hit some kind of impasse that we let keep us from success.

The difference between successful people and unsuccessful people is that successful people don’t stop when they get to something they don’t know how to do.  If the roadblock is something they need get beyond to reach their goals, they make learning the unknown the next step on their agenda and keep going.

What’s the most important thing you want to make certain you accomplish this year?

What roadblocks do you need to add to your list of things to learn so they become opportunities in place of “impossible” challenges?

We currently have more year left than what time has already passed. Let’s start today to make it a productive one!

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