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Our privacy policy is simple.


  1. I do have affiliate links on this site. I try to identify them so you know before you click on them. Affiliate links help me pay the bills, so I sincerely appreciate when you use them.
  2. We will never purposely provide any third party with any information regarding our subscribers, group members, followers, or tribe. Period. We may give personal members information about a third party that they may benefit from knowing, but any communication will need to be initiated by the member, not us.  We care too much about you to lose your trust over anything any outside agency might be able to offer us.
  3. We don’t want to be private about how great a site this is and we don’t want you to be private about telling everyone else you may know how great this site is and how much you love coming here, reading things, watching our videos, and taking any free stuff we may offer you. OK, that may sound a bit over the top. Sorry. We just want lots of fans and the only way to get them if for you to feel like this is a site worth sharing. We hope to live up to all your expectations, not just ours. Thanks!
  4. If anything in the above changes, we will notify you immediately, providing you gave us a way to do that.

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